20 for 20 Guarantee

You won't wait for more than 20 minutes - or - $20 is yours

We recommend parking 3 hours before you fly! This should give you ample time to check in at the airport, clear security, and offer extra time to spear (useful if there are delays, long queues, or an urgent need of a snack).

When you reserve, we ask for your flight time so that we can assess your parking Check-In time to be 3 hours prior. We Guarentee that a shuttle bus will be at our Park 4 Pearson lot within 20 minutes of the Check-In time, or else, we will give you $20 cash!

How to take advantage of this offer?
  1. Make a Reservation Use accurate flight information as this gives us information we need to drop you off and pick you up at the best possible locations at the airport.
  2. Come to Park4Pearson Parking Located at the Wet n Wild theme park, make sure you are there at the Check-In Time (3 hours before your flight) as outlined on the confirmation receipt.
  3. Wait for a Skyway Park Shuttle If you wait longer than 20 minutes - tell the driver. They will verify with our dispatcher and give you $20 cash
  4. Load your luggage (before parking) To speed up potential queues, loading the luggage (and extra passengers) will happen first.
  5. Park (and remember where) The Skyway Park shuttle's are really experienced in Airport Parking and may show you where to park - just make sure upi remember where you park as Economy Park means we don't track your car, but, we do have security on the parking lot.