Liability and Indemnity

On each Park 4 Pearson confirmation receipt there is a Non-Liability Clause explicitly specified and issued for all Skyway Park / Park4Pearson Customers. It is important that Skyway Park / Park4Pearson customers are aware of such a clause and it is further encouraged that this page be printed out for reference.

It is important to note: The non-liability outlined here and on the confirmation receipt is similar to the responsibility of all parking services in Ontario, we offer this indemnity as further clarification and include all services and busineses you may interact with while using our service.

The confirmation receipt, both email or printed from the website remain the sole legal instrument for identifying proof of payment and outlining what services are provided notwithstanding of any other statements made elsewhere.

Indemnity Statement

Park 4 Pearson is operated wholly by Skyway Park / 1282831 Ontario Inc.
Skyway Park, Park 4 Pearson, and any other affiliated businesses assume no responsibility of and will not be held liable for any losses or damages of the vehicle parked, it's contents, or any persons and materials serviced by the Park 4 Pearson Economy Park offering.
Business Lic.#B68-3082807
GST Registration#: 87035 7845