The most affordable Airport Parking for Pearson International Airport

Economy/Value Park Price
with Self Park Service!
Park 4 Pearson is the Most Affordable self-parking option for Pearson International Airport. We accomplish this by using a parking lot located 10 minutes away from the Airport (shared with Wet & Wild) which gives us a large and secure parking lot combined with Skyway Park 24 hour shuttle service to the airport giving you the Best Value in parking.

Our Economy Park service requires no check-in, just wait in your car in our receiving area with your luggage. Call our dispatch for the shuttle bus, a typical ride to the airport will be within 10-15 minutes. The driver will verify your payment and take you to the airport right away!

20 For 20 Guarentee

No one in the business does this:

  How it Works
If a shuttle bus is not at our lot within 20 minutes of your check-in time, we will refund you $20

We schedule your check in at our lot 3 hours before your flight! And we Guarentee that a shuttle bus will be there to pick you up within 20 minutes of your designated check-in time. If it's even one minute late we will give you $20 cash back on the spot.

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Also - Don't worry if you are early or late - we have a shuttle on rotation as well!

Best Price for Toronto Pearson Airport Parking. Period.

Best price in town

We are extending our industry best Grand Opening rates for a Limited Time Only! All parking is prepaid by reservation only - but - refunds can be done easily before you park. So please don't hesitate to Reserve while the prices low!

Shuttle included! On Demand!!!

We are a discount offering, but include a 10-15 minute shuttle to and from the airport at no additional cost. Our service is cheaper than a taxi, you keep your keys (no joyriding possible), and offers plenty of space for safe and easy parking.

Also - when you arrive you can call for a Shuttle for immediate pick-up, each way! Always on-demand shuttle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Price Quote

Enter your Check In and Check Out date and time, and we will show you what our Web Reservation rate for each service down below.

Economy Park New!

Economy Park

Keep your keys with Self Park and get complimentary airport shuttle. Shuttle available within 20 minute rotation 24/7
Service Opens October 1st!

10-15 minute Shuttle Time
7855 Finch Avenue West.

Self Park

Skyway Park Valet

Premium parking, immediate and sanitized shuttle, front of lot access, car reporting, weather prep, and locked key storage!

3-5 minute Shuttle Time
295 Belfield Rd.

Self Park

Parking at the Airport

This is what Pearson Airport's regular parking will cost you! (requires walking with your luggage to the terminal.)

5-10 minute Walk Time
Silver Dart Dr.
No Service Number

See the Difference

Where to Find Us

We are located at the Wet and Wild theme park main parking at 7855 Finch Avenue West, this location just north of the airport connects with the airport with a HOV lane reducing traffic issues that may arise.

Get Directions
Park 4 Pearson
7855 Finch Avenue West
Brampton, ON. L6T 0B2


Contact Us

Park 4 Pearson is serviced by Skyway Park. To call regarding shuttle service, please call Skyway Park at the number below. For all other enquiries please use the Email form accordingly:


Skyway Park operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. 416-674-1754
  2. 1-800-474-3820 (Toll Free #)